Let’s Talk Wool

Congress 2021 took place 17-21 May with a fully digital series of presentations and discussions held over the course of five days and spanning time global zones.

From what’s driving wool sustainability to the latest market statistics, we heard from some of the world’s leading wool professionals and experts – to view the programme, click on the image below.

This annual event is a highlight of the global wool textile industry calendar. 

Videos from various presentations, and some entire presentations, are available on the IWTOCHANNEL.

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Programme Highlights

Opening Session

Scott Williams, who facilitated Australia’s Wool 2030 Strategy, opened the Congress on 17 May with insights into this new vision. He was joined by the Campaign for Wool’s Peter Ackroyd, who has guided the Campaign into key international markets over the course of its 10-year span.

 Read more about the Opening Session here.

Health for Planet and for People

As companies and consumers worldwide strive to become healthier and more sustainable, research shows that the humble wool fibre has a clear role to play. Just how that can happen was the focus of two sessions, Sustainability and Wool Health and Wellness. Read more at iwto.org/health-planet-people-iwto-congress/

Campaign for Wool and Campaign for Wool Canada

The Campaign for Wool celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2020 with a host of initiatives across the UK. At the same time, the Campaign for Wool in Canada, along with its parent body the Canadian Wool Council, took some bold steps toward transforming the Canadian wool landscape.  Details at iwto.org/campaign-wool-90th-iwto-congress/

Why Sustainability Is Everything, and How Wool Delivers

One of the effects of the ongoing pandemic is that people care more about the clothes they buy and how they are made. They want to buy less and wear what they have for longer. How sustainability became “everything”, and how wool delivers to that requirement, was the focus of our Retail Forum on 20 May with Veronica Bates Kassatly, Simon Cotton and Olivier Segard, along with host Peter Ackroyd. Read more at iwto.org/sustainability-wool-delivers/