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Covid Transforms Europe’s Trade Shows

Covid-19 transformed Europe's trade shows. After an upbeat start in January, by mid-year they were either fully digital or hybrid. Here, fabric & yarns expert Janet Prescott shares her insights into the wool trade in this most unexpected of years. A Digital Transformation for European Trade From Pitti Connect to Première Vision, Milano Unica and Filo, efforts to stage exhibitions during the pandemic, whether completely digital or hybrid, forced full-speed acceleration of e-commerce. Sometimes barely profitable due to reduced footfall, they worked. Online visits to virtual showrooms led to contacts and real sampling enlivened by new designs. Growing usage of social media for information and contact down the supply-chain proved game-changing. Wool made its presence felt throughout as a sustainable and technical fibre. The Woolmark Company, participating at Pitti Uomo, joined the first video of Pitti Connect Conversation in its capacity as technical partner to ultrachic Luna Rossa yachting.

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The Benefits of Using Wool for Natural Insulation in Buildings

Homes need insulation to provide adequate noise absorption, to control heat levels and make a building more comfortable. Of the many insulation materials on the market, wool stands out as the ideal natural option for sustainable building insulation. Here, IWTO explains why. Furthermore, a sustainable insulation material like wool is a key component of eco-friendly buildings, with growing environmental trends meaning every building is aiming towards becoming more sustainable overall. How Using Wool as a Natural Insulation Material Can Be Beneficial Here are four reasons why you should choose wool as your home’s natural insulation material. You can find further information regarding the many benefits of wool on our Wool Interiors Fact Sheet. Reason #1: Wool is Flame Resistant Wool’s flame-resistant properties are largely due to the fact that wool ignites less readily than other organic materials. Using wool as your chosen insulation material can help to prevent fire

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