Let’s Talk Wool

The annual Congress of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) is a highlight of the global wool textile industry calendar. Undeterred by Covid restrictions, for 2021 IWTO hosts a fully digital series of presentations, panel discussions and chat rooms, held over the course of five days in order to span the world’s time zones.

From what’s driving wool sustainability to the latest market statistics, the programme features the leading topics of the day, with insights and analysis from industry professionals and experts.

The World’s Premium Sustainable Fibre

The Congress kicks off on Monday, 17 May with two very special speakers presenting on two key visions for wool.

First, Scott Williams, who facilitated the Woolgrower Consultation Group for the Wool 2030 Strategy that was published in Australia this past December, will present on the content and implementation of this new 10-year plan to position Australian wool as the world’s premium sustainable fibre.

The Wool 2030 Strategy was born of consultations involving 28 production-based woolgrower group representatives from across Australia as well as members of an industry consultative panel.

Embedded in the strategy is the deep desire to meet the expectations of consumers worldwide, alongside the positioning of wool as a rewarding, profitable land-use choice to the next generation landholder.

The positioning of wool as natural, sustainable, and desirable has also been the focus of the Campaign for Wool, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. Speaker Peter Ackroyd picks up this theme for his presentation on the Campaign, whose 10-year span has seen Savile Row transformed into a pasture and the Campaign expanded around the globe into key international markets.

Together these speakers set the tone for a week that will look at wool from farm to retail floor. Don’t miss them – the Congress Opening takes place Monday, 17 May, 13.00-14.00 CEST.

Full details and registration here

Wool’s Gen Z in the Spotlight

IWTO has welcomed more than 100 Young Professionals to its annual Congress since the programme’s inception in 2012.

Open to those who are working in the industry aged 35 years and younger, the YP programme matches a junior wool professional with a more senior mentor for the duration of the event and offers specially designed networking and social opportunities. It’s an invaluable chance for anyone keen to make a career in wool.

This year, for the first time, we’ll hear from the Young Professional themselves in a dedicated session chaired by Core Merino’s Monica Ebert, herself a former YP.

Where does the next generation see the industry? How are we doing on the environment? Are they seeing peers, in their respective markets, choosing to choose wool?

Be there as wool’s Gen Z tells it like it is in this unmissable session on Tuesday, 18 May, 13.30-14.30 CEST.

Find out more at iwto.org/congress-2024/