Wool in School

Wool in School is a wool-inspired education company committed to teaching the next generation about the benefits of wool. Read more about it here.

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The Fair Isle Knit Technique

The Fair Isle knit is a knitting technique that dates back centuries but has never lost its popularity. Read more about this technique and pattern here.

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AWI Extension Networks Update

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has announced a name change for its six state-based woolgrower extension networks. Woolgrowers can expect the same high-quality information and training programs designed to help them improve their on-farm practices.

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The AlpTextyles Project

AlpTextyles will co-host a Research Day in Lyon on 12 March 2024. Read on to learn more about this exciting project and what you can expect from the event.

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American Wool Traditions by Larry Prager

Larry Prager, CEO of Center of the Nation Wool, Inc., gave a fascinating presentation on American wool traditions at the IWTO Wool Round Table in December 2023. Read about it here.

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Boosting our Fabulous Fibre

Good news for British sheep farmers! A collaborative research project called "Fabulous Fibre" aims to improve the UK wool industry's productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

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