IWTO Focus on the Australian Wool Supply Chain

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As the world’s leading producer and exporter of wool, Australia has a well-developed system of practices, checks, balances and certifications to ensure high quality and ethical standards of animal welfare and sustainability. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) takes an inside look at this dynamic and well-regulated industry, highlighting its commitment to quality, sustainability and trust.

Sustainability and Transparency in The Australian Wool Industry

Australia’s wool production reflects its vast territory and unique technical, climatic and geographical characteristics. Over its many years of large-scale wool production, the country has developed world-leading systems for clip preparation and specification, biosecurity, traceability, and for promoting practices on-farm that benefit the lifetime health and welfare of sheep.

Always sensitive to the demands of consumers, Australian wool producers have evolved over time in their practices and standards, updating their quality assurance schemes to stay abreast of shifting consumer attitudes. For example, sustainability and high animal welfare standards were once niche criteria, but they are now standards that apply across the industry.

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WoolProducers Australia

WoolProducers Australia, the national policy and advocacy body for the country’s wool producers, oversees the formulation and development of the industry’s systems for quality control and ethical standards. As part of its efforts to assure the intentional wool-buying public of the high standards of Australian wool, it initiated a project in 2020 to “open the doors” to consumers and provide them with all they need to know about how the Australian wool industry works, from farm to retailer. The Trust in Australian Wool campaign was the result of this concept. Its products, including a website and a handbook translated into several languages, provides in-depth information on the entire Australian wool supply chain, including sheep health and welfare, biosecurity and traceability, clip preparation, wool specification and marketing, sustainability and extensive links to industry resources and service providers. Transparent, and open to questions and scrutiny, the campaign demonstrates that high ethical standards can and should work alongside lofty goals of productivity, quality and profitability.

Ed Storey, fourth generation wool producer and president of WoolProducers Australia joins IWTO’s Wool Round Table on 30 November, along with other members of the Australian wool industry.

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