IWTO share A collaboration between The Woolmark Company and the Nissan Formula E Team

The first Formula E race of 2023 heralded the official launch of an innovative collaboration between the Nissan racing team and The Woolmark Company. International Wool Textile Organisation was very excited when the collaboration was first announced in 2022: the creation of a wool-rich racing team kit.

A Collaborative Merino Performance Project

Formula E racing is a global showcase of zero-emission electric motor racing. In a similar vein, The Woolmark Company is committed to creating more sustainable and eco-friendly apparel through the use of Merino wool – a responsibly sourced natural fibre. It seemed fitting then, when the Nissan Formula E team approached Woolmark, that the two work together to create Nissan team uniform for the 2022/2023 season of the all-electric racing event.

The idea of an all-natural team kit is a fresh new innovation in the world of motorsport. The designs worn by the Nissan team for the first time on Saturday 14 January 2023, take advantage of Merino’s natural properties to maximize performance and comfort. The kit is made from a Merino blend and is composed of base layers, mid-layers and outer layers. It includes an average of 50% Merino wool to enhance performance through wool’s technical benefits.

The kit consists of T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, softshell jackets and caps. It is soft on the skin and offers an exceptional level of moisture management, thermoregulation and breathability properties.

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“A Sustainable Future Through Technology And Innovation”

This development is an exciting one for both partners. Tommas Volpe, Managing Director of the Nissan Formula E team, said: “We are proud to partner with a company that, like Nissan, dares to do what others don’t and is committed to build a more sustainable future through technology and innovation… This proves once more that, like in Formula E, high performance and sustainability can go hand in hand. Partnering with the Woolmark Company was a natural but conscious decision for us, as we continue to look for more sustainable solutions in line with Nissan’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality across all operations and the life cycle of our products by 2050.”

John Roberts, Volpe’s counterpart at The Woolmark Company, added: “We have pioneered the use of wool across the world, collaborating with leading brands on material development, functionality and aesthetics to constantly innovate. So, as we take a bold first step into the world of motorsport, it was vital to find a partner who shared our vision. The Nissan Formula E team has the ambition to do things differently, and they are redefining the way we wear wool by bringing the fibre’s innate performance to the motorsport industry. Our technical team worked hand-in-hand to craft a performance-oriented team kit, driving unexpected product offerings thanks to the inherent technical and eco-credentials of the fibre. The innovative nature of Merino wool is paralleled to the technology behind Formula E, thanks to manufacturing techniques and engineering between our teams.”

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