IWTO introduce Brooklyn Tweed – a top Knitting American brandHand knitting is a method of clothing production that goes back centuries. The American wool brand Brooklyn Tweed is a proud proponent of this tradition. International Wool Textile Organisation introduces this leading brand.

The History Of Hand Knitting

The use of wool in the production of clothing dates back to at least the 5th century. The making of woollen garments was entirely achieved through hand knitting until the technology developed to enable mass production. By the 18th Century, the practice of handknitting was already being regarded as a leisure activity for wealthier women. By the 19th Century, middle-class women were engaging in what was known as “fancy knitting” in the drawing rooms of Europe.

Since then, knitting has risen and fallen in popularity. It reached a peak during World War II, when people were encouraged to knit different garments and materials needed for the war effort. By the 1950s, machine-knitted goods were in plentiful and relatively cheap supply, making hand knitting very much a discretionary leisure activity. In the 1970s, it really began to rise in popularity, specifically as a hobby. Now, it has started to boom yet again. It is recognised as a creative outlet with therapeutic benefits, and has also moved away from consumer culture and become more aligned with the sustainable clothing movement.

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Enter Brooklyn Tweed

Wool brands such as Brooklyn Tweed have emerged to cater to the renewed demand for quality yarns for the home knitting market. Based in Portland, Oregon, Brooklyn Tweed produces beautiful, quality yarns made from domestically sourced, breed-specific wool. Offering many different yarns in various weights and colours, Brooklyn Tweed is high quality brand with a strong social and environmental conscience. Its founder, co-owner and creative director Jared Flood created the brand in 2005, starting it off as a blog for knitters, and eventually expanding his vision to launch a maker of sustainable, breed-specific yarns and standard-setting knitting design house.

Brooklyn Tweed’s latest line consists of worsted spun heathered yarns – dyed in colours that mimic nature. This is the first worsted yarn the company has ever produced. It delivers the rustic, sentimental appeal of the heather, with a clean, defined, springy and durable texture in hand.

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