Sufficient uninterrupted sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, positively influencing stress levels, the ability to concentrate and even body weight. Wearing wool can assist with every aspect of sleep.

Research conducted by the University of Sydney and funded by The Woolmark Company has shown that wearing superfine wool sleepwear:

  • Shortens the time that it takes to fall asleep
  • Improves sleep quality and duration
  • Enhances deep sleep and reduces sleep fragmentation.

The natural properties of wool make it an ideal choice for sleepwear, mattresses and bedding:

  • Wool is a natural insulator, regulating body temperatures in summer or winter
  • Wool’s moisture management properties continually absorb moisture away from the body and release it as vapour into the air, keeping the sleeper dry and comfortable
  • Dust mites thrive in hot humid conditions, but wool’s breathability reduces humidity and keeps temperatures from rising, making wool bedding ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Wool’s fire retardant properties offer peace of mind for a safe, stress free sleep.

Whether worn as superfine Merino sleepwear or used in a mattress and bedding, wool provides an ideal microclimate for sleep, improving quality of life and general health.

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Wool & Sleep
Wool & Sleep