Wool’s natural properties mean that it is an excellent choice for indoor applications such as carpets and upholstery. Not only does wool offer durability, comfort and aesthetic appeal, it also improves the general atmospheric conditions indoors.

The World Health organisation (WHO) has recognised the dangers associated with toxic volatile organic carbons (VOCs) and has issued statements emphasising the right to breathe healthy indoor air, and with that, the obligations which rest on responsible authorities. VOCs are also a major contributing factor to growing concerns relating to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

In response, industry has introduced a wide range of air cleaning treatment products, to get rid of both chemical and biological indoor contaminants. The drawback is that they are energy intensive and have a limited lifespan. A simpler and cleaner solution is the use of wool fibre.

Wool absorbs and locks away pollutants such as VOCs from the air more rapidly than other materials. Studies have shown that common VOCs, which occur in the indoor environment and are implicated as a cause of SBS, can be absorbed and chemically bound by wool, improving ambient air quality.

Read more about the science behind VOCs, SBS and the positive outcomes associated with using wool for furniture, carpets, clothing, or insulation HERE.

Wool Interiors
Wool Interiors