Abelusi Wool

Segard Masurel, with its direct link with wool growers, helps brands source sustainable and mules-free wool.

Through Abelusi, long-term partnerships from farm to retail are forged with brands, providing full traceability and transparency and ensuring that progressive and sustainable environmental, social and animal welfare practices can be built into their own wool supply chains.

Segard Masurel is launching Abelusi Plus, a new standard that has guiding principles for and tracks progress of collaborative producers who are working toward positive environmental impacts. The main aim of Abelusi Plus is to drive regenerative actions that positively impact biodiversity and carbon emissions that influence climate change.

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South Africa
Erwin Woolward
Vincent Nicolas
Abelusi Wool
Abelusi Plus


Authentico was first launched in 1999. The Authentico Integrity Scheme guarantees best industry practices for wool growing and processing while recognising existing local legislation and standards honored by wool growers. This ensures the highest animal, social and environmental welfare requirements which are third party audited for adequate assurance. Authentico certified raw materials are processed in company owned mills which are both RWS and GOTS certified. This allows The Schneider Group to provide a fully traceable supply chain within the Authentico Integrity Scheme.

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https://www.gschneider.com/authentico/ Italy Willy Gallia 3rd Party Certification willy.gallia@gschneider.com


AWH offers the electronic identification capability of greasy wool from all major Australian Ports. The digitalization of the physical bale handling process has the potential to create significant advantages for the wool industry by allowing more detailed information to be passed electronically through the pipeline, reducing the need for manual entry whilst delivering operation efficiencies. Further opportunities for the electronic identification technology include traceability back to origin of the physical wool, the capability to electronically locate and identify wool within a warehouse and the ability for a mill to electronically mark blend codes (or other data) on greasy wool prior to scouring.

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www.awh.com.au Australia David Mitchell AWH RFID/
QR Electronic identification of greasy wool

Bahariye Mensucat San Tic A.S

We offer traceability through RWS certification. Bahariye has been producing woollen fabric in Istanbul since 1951.

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www.bahariye.com.tr Turkey Dogan Filiz RWS doganfiliz@bahariye.com.tr

British Wool

British Wool’s Traceability Scheme offers different levels of traceability to suit clients demands. Including back to individual farm traceability giving an additional layer of transparency.

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www.britishwool.org.uk United Kingdom Haldi Kranich-Wood British Wool’s Licensing Scheme haldikw@britishwool.org.uk

Cape Wools SA

The Sustainable Cape Wool Standard is traceable back to farm and offer traceability up to export of the wool in the greasy stage. A process is also underway to further enhance traceability by means of an Industry Blockchain.

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www.capewools.co.za South Africa Deon Saayman Sustainable Cape Wool Standard deon@capewools.co.za


An internationally registered quality product brand, underpinned by continual ownership from selection of a historically respected natural fibre through to Escorial branded finished piece at retail, in collaboration with selected manufacturers and luxury retail brand partners that share similar philosophies around animal, human and our planet’s health and welfare.

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www.escorialgroup.com New Zealand Peter Radford RWS On Farm& SGS peter.radford@escorialgroup.com

Estethia G.B.Conte

Estethia G.B. Conte, part of the Marzotto Group since 2008, is a combination of two different stories: woven and jersey fabrics forged together to form a worldwide recognised fashion brand for women and men.

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www.estethiagbconte.it Italy Conte Alvise Boniver Authentico, IWTO Test Certificate, GOTS, RWS and GRS alvise_boniver@estethiagbconte.it

Fox & Lillie

Fox & Lillie operate a specialised ethical, sustainable and traceable wool program called Genesys, which is certified under the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). Genesys is the largest RWS program in Australia. We offer range of raw wool, tops, open top, scoured, carbonised and noils with genuine traceability back to farm.

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www.foxandlillie.com.au Australia David Martin Genesys, RWS trading@foxandlillie.com.au

Fratelli Tallia di Delfino

Tallia di Delfino’s desire is to maintain 100% of its production in Italy, in the same place where it all began over a century ago. Respect for its origins and environment goes hand in hand with the continued growth of the brand, through an ever-wider network of partners sharing, promoting and resonating its philosophy globally.

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www.tallia-delfino.com Italy Ludovico Zegna Authentico +ZQ + IWTO Test Certificate + GOTS + RWS +GRS Ludovico_zegna@bmtsrl.com


Since 1815, our link with our territory is inseparable. This place has given birth to infinite stories of knowledge and passion, handed down over the centuries. We have chosen to guarantee total transparency of our supply chain to protect the safety of consumers, workers and anyone who believes that the world needs an ever-stronger sense of transparency and responsibility.

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www.guabello.it Italy Ludovico Zegna Authentico, IWTO Test Certificate, GOTS, RWS and GRS ludovico_zegna@bmtsrl.com

Indorama Holdings Ltd.

Producing fine quality wool yarns for the weaving and knitting sector since 1994, with sustainability and traceability integrated in our business model.

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www.indoramaventures.com Thailand Rajesh Banka RWS + GOTS + GRS + Non-Mulesing Certificates banka@indorama.net

IWTO Test Certificates

The IWTO Specifications and Regulations are the standards for global wool trade. Once wool has been tested to these standards, a wool certificate or test report is issued. The document is a summary of the wool’s weight, specifications, measurements, as well as its origin.

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www.iwto.org Global Dalena White Wool Testing Laboratories info@iwto.org

Lanas Trinidad S.A

LANAS TRINIDAD is a traditional wool company, founded in 1916 and based in Uruguay. It is the main producer of scoured wool and combed wool tops in Uruguay exporting worldwide to customers who demand the highest quality. The company strives to take care of this superb natural and organic fibre, from our green grasslands throughout the supply chain. Lanas Trinidad is not only committed to animal welfare and responsible land management, but also proper working conditions for its labour force, good stewardship of the environment and generation of energy with renewable resources from its wastewater treatment process. Future generations should inherit a healthier environment.

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www.lanastrinidad.com Uruguay Pedro Otegui RWS + NATIVA + Organic GOTS + ISO 9001-2015 potegui@lanastrinidad.com.uy


Marlane has always chosen a selection of refined Merino wool, naturally biodegradable and renewable resource. This is a highly sustainable choice to protect the environment. In this way, Marlane is committed to respecting nature in all its work, certifying its products and choosing raw materials certified by Authentico.

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www.marlanecommunication.com Italy Ludovico Zegna Authentico + ZQ + IWTO Test Certificates + GOTS + RWS + GRS ludovico_zegna@bmtsrl.com


It was the year 1836 when Luigi Marzotto, moved by his passion for excellence and his sensitivity for noble fibers, created a small textile lab which over the decades has grown to become synonymous with elegance, finest quality and secular tradition: Marzotto is nowadays a global leader in the production of high-quality fabrics for everyman’s needs.

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www.marzottotessuti.it Italy Paolo Vazzoler Marzotto Wool Manufacturing + Authentico + IWTO Test Certificates + GOTS + RWS + GRS paolo_vazzoler@marzotto.it

National Wool Declaration

The National Wool Declaration is an Australian industry initiative which enables wool growers to declare and promote their animal welfare practices (i.e. mulesing status) and the dark and medullated fibre risk of their wool to exporters, processors and retailers. Introduced in 2008, the NWD is recognized globally for its transparency and traceability.

The NWD is backed by a comprehensive integrity program including desktop audits and onfarm inspections for mulesing status with a single purpose: to build wool pipeline and consumer confidence in Australian wool. Through its extensive database, the NWD-IP also provides Mulesing Status Certificates to the buyers and users of Australian wool. The NWD-IP is certified to ISO9001:2015, and operated by AWEX, an independent, not-for-profit wool integrity systems company.

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http://www.awex.com.au Australia Dr Kerry Hansford Volantury wool clip declaration khansford@awex.com.au


With a Century-old heritage in wool sourcing and combing, Chargeurs Luxury Fibers introduces NATIVA™️, a global sustainable wool sourcing solution for partners and brands, inspired by nature and supported by Blockchain. NATIVA™️ guarantees 100% farm-to-brand traceability via the

NATIVA™️ protocol, certifying animal welfare, environmental management and CSR. The new NATIVARegen™️ program is a robust system with a triple impact – based on scientific research and backed by data. It protects the land by improving soil quality, safeguards animals by ensuring their healthy keeping, and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods.

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www.nativapreciousfiber.com Italy (Global) Martin Donagaray NATIVA mdonagaray@chargeurs-luxury.com

NewMerino ®

NewMerino is an independent 3rd party supply management system for retail brands. It providessupply planning, reporting and Transaction Certificates at key processing stages providing full transparency and complete traceability from farm to yarn. Farmers are required to meet documented animal welfare and land management standards published on our web site.

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www.newmerino.com.au Australia Peter Vandeleur NewMerino peter.vandeleur@newmerino.com.au

Opera Piemontese

Opera Piemontese, the youngest division of the Group, shares the fundamental values that have always been the basis of the Marzotto world. It’s therefore essential to work in a sustainable way, with a careful selection of raw materials, for the creation of fine fabrics for women’s fashion, increasingly attentive to environmental issues.

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Italy Ludovico Zegna Authentico + ZQ + IWTO Test Certificates + GOTS + RWS + GRS Ludovico_zegna@bmtsrl.com


Origen by Engraw certification combines passion for wool with caring for the fibre as well as for the environment, animals and workforce involved in the process. Our growers harvest their wool under the Green Tag shearing method and following the Guidelines of the Ethical Sheep Production published and audited by SUL (Uruguayan Wool Secretariat).

Committed to leaving the world a better place than it is at present, Engraw is measuring the regeneration of the growers soils alongside Land to Market by Savory Institute. Moreover, Engraw processes the wools using 98% of renewable energy and also under Carbon Neutral and Cradle to Cradle certifications. Origen Certification offers the full story, traceability from farm to wooltops. The story from the origin.

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www.engraw.com.uy Uruguay Federico Raquet Origen by Engraw ISO 14064 for carbon neutral certification federico@engraw.com.uy

Pack-Tainers PTY Ltd

Pack-Tainers is a Wool Dump/Packing facility for export. Located in Victoria & NSW and receiving wool from throughout Australia. Our complete traceability system allows Pack-Tainers to identify particular wool bales, the exact location and it’s journey from warehouse to the wharf, ready for export.

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www.pack-tainers.com.au Australia Mark Wilson Wool Bale traceability system pakm@pack-tainers.com.au

Südwolle Group GmbH

Südwolle Group, global producer of worsted yarn in pure wool and wool blends for all textilesegments, has been a pioneer in supply chain business and a driver of traceability and transparencywithin the wool industry. The company offers products based on different traceability systems covering certified global standards as well as specific supply chain models.

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www.suedwollegroup.com Germany Ronald Gerbeth GOTS, IVN BEST, RWS, Nativa™️, Authentico™️, ZQ Merino, ZQRX™️ gerbeth@ suedwollegroup.de


Where quality and integrity matters.The SustainaWOOL Integrity Scheme is built on well-established and mature systems for which the Australian wool industry is renowned. Systems including the National Wool Declaration, classer registration, clip inspection and now improved traceability through eBale are all national and audited programs designed to meet the highest levels of quality and integrity on a daily, weekly and annual basis. SustainaWOOL members are also recognised for their sheep health & well- being, social responsibility and environmental stewardship credentials. SustainaWOOL Supply Chain Partners appreciate the quality and integrity of SustainaWOOL certified wool.

Website Country Contact Method Email
www.sustainawool.com.au Australia Mark Grave Desk Top, Showfloor and On-farm Audits/Inspections mgrave@awex.com.au

Vitale Barberis Canonico Spa

Internal traceability system to provide details of each single farm lot of greasy wool part of a fabric. The system has been in place since the last 25 years.

Website Country Contact Method Email
www.vitalebarberiscanonico.it Italy Davide Fontaneto
Lucia Bianchi Maiocchi
VBC traceability system + RAF + Sustainawool Wool@vitalebarberiscanonico.it


WoolClip© is a web and mobile App cloud based platform that enables on-farm data (e.g. property, mob and bale) to be captured, entered, viewed, and delivered to nominated downstream recipients such as carriers, warehouses, marketing organisations, in both data and pdf forms of Delivery Consignments, National Wool Declarations, and Specifications. WoolClip is eBale ready and has proven ability to capture the unique bale-ID of each bale and attach it to consignments and specifications for use through the supply chain. WoolClip is the start of wool’s data journey and the single source of truth.

Website Country Contact Method Email
www.woolclip.com.au Australia John Cox WoolClip, Wool Classer Code of Practice, NWD jcox@awex.com.au

Wool Integrity NZ

Wool Integrity NZ is a quality scheme that also provides assurances to global consumers regarding important aspects such as traceability, animal welfare, environmental sustainability. Wool Integrity is underpinned by the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme that independently audits NZ farms.

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www.woolintegrity.com New Zealand Jason Everson Wool Integrity® jason.everson@pggwrightson.co.nz


WoolQ is a online platform where Australian woolgrowers are able to collect and store their wool production and test data. By creating rich User and Business Profiles, Woolgrowers are able to showcase their business to other industry participants and share their provenance information.

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www.woolq.com Australia Mark Scott WoolQ Portal mark.scott@wool.com

Wright Wool

As a strict policy, Wright Wool supports best practice and traceability to all operations that interact with animals, complying with all relevant national legislation, codes of practice and best industry practices.

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www.wrightwool.co.nz New Zealand Philippa Wright Integrity Programme philippa@wrightwool.co.nz

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia S.P.A.

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia produces precious wool yarn, including fancy natural fibres and noble blends for knitwear and weaving. The Company has been operating in Italy for almost 170 years and it has always stated, as a priority, the commitment towards territory and people, throughout the production process.

Website Country Contact Method Email
www.baruffa.com Italy Gianmarco Salussolia TF-Traceability & Fashion, RWS – Responsible Wool Standard baruffa@baruffa.com

ZQ by The New Zealand Merin Company

ZQ is an on-farm certification programme developed by The New Zealand Merino Company that requires growers to meet strict standards regarding animal welfare, environmental integrity, social responsibility, fibre quality and traceability. Textile Exchange and The New Zealand Merino Company have worked together to create a combined audit process and checklist that simultaneously addresses both RWS and ZQ requirements. ZQRX challenges our wool growers to go beyond sustainability by deeply understanding the complex interactions between their livestock, soils, climate, ecology, and community. We work with them to apply strategies to continually improve their performance against key indicators. For growers, ZQRX is a journey of improvement, accurate measurements, and shared wisdom.

Website Country Contact Method Email
www.discoverzq.com New Zealand (Global) Dave Maslen ZQ + ZQRX dave.maslen@nzmerino.co.nz