Taking care of wool and woollen garments is extremely straightforward. Wool’s natural properties not only mean that products perform well during extended use, but items are also easy to look after, reducing their impact on the environment and extending their useful lifespan.

Wool’s natural properties positively contribute to care best practice in several ways:

  • Stain resistance. An anti-static natural protective layer prevents stains from being absorbed, while picking up less dust and lint from the air.
  • Resilience and elasticity. Wool fibres are tear resistant, flexible and naturally elastic, so garments can stretch comfortably with the wearer and return to their original shape, maintaining their appearance in the longer term.
  • Odour resistance. Wool absorbs and releases sweat much more efficiently than other textiles, before bacteria can develop and produce unpleasant body odour.
  • Quick drying. Thanks to the application of modern technology, garments made of wool can dry as quickly as those made of synthetics.
  • Easy care. Today, many woollen products can be machine washed and tumble dried.
  • Unlike any other textile fibre, wool can be refreshed simply by hanging it in fresh air, saving water, detergent, energy and dry-cleaning costs.

Wool fibre is a delicacy to moths and silverfish, so storing garments correctly is very important for enjoying them as long as possible. There are many natural moth repellents available to prevent any damage.

Make sure woollen items are clean before storing.

For more care information, find the Woolmark Care Guide at https://www.woolmark.com/about-wool/wool-care.