Wool is a versatile natural fibre and can be made into a wide range of woven or knitted fabrics.

Depending on the length and fibre diameter (fineness) of a fleece, it can be processed through either the woollen or worsted processing system.

The worsted processing system requires long staple fibres to produce very fine yarns, which can be woven to make extremely smooth and lightweight fabrics.

Worsted-spun woven fabrics are used by fine tailors around the world for clothes such as business suits, trousers and skirts.

Worsted-spun knitted fabrics are super-soft, incredibly versatile knits that are used for baby clothes, underwear, t-shirts and sportswear, leggings, dresses and other light-weight knitwear.

Woollen spun woven fabrics are thicker and heavier and used mostly for outerwear. New spinning innovations have produced wind and waterproof wool fabrics.

Woollen-spun knitted fabrics are bulkier than worsted-spun knitted fabrics. They are used for items such as jumpers/sweaters, scarves and socks.