Baby sleeping in wool blanketWool is 100% natural, sustainable and long-lasting, but did you know that it is also good for your health? From the ability to help underweight newborn babies thrive, to regulating your temperature and improving your quality of sleep. Keep reading to discover the top five health benefits of wool.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Wool?

Whether you suffer from insomnia, struggle with allergies, or have sensitive skin, wool can help to improve your overall wellness, both physically and mentally. Check out the top five health benefits of wool below.

1. Wool is Beneficial to Babies

As any new parent will know, babies need to be kept warm, especially when they are outside during the colder months. Wool has the natural ability to keep babies both warm and comfortable. Furthermore, studies show that underweight newborns who sleep on wool put on more weight than those who sleep on cotton.

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2. Wool is Gentle on your Skin

If you have sensitive or very dry skin, superfine Merino wool is the ideal natural material for you. Not only does it feel super soft against your body, but it can also significantly reduce symptoms of itchy, flaky, bleeding, or painful skin.

3. Wool Regulates Your Temperature

Another important factor in a good night’s sleep is wool’s natural ability to regulate your temperature. It will warm you up if you are cold, and it will also remove any excess heat or moisture from your skin if you get too hot, making it an ideal bedfellow.

4. Wool Can Help Improve the Air Quality in your Home

When you choose woollen interiors such as for your carpets, furniture, clothing or insulation, you are actively helping to improve the air quality in your home. Studies have shown that wool absorbs VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are released into the home via solvents, cleaners and air fresheners.

5. Wool Is Odour-Resistant

Hopefully, regular exercise is a part of your overall wellness routine, and if it is, you may be looking for work-out gear that supports your physical activity. Wool may seem a surprising choice but it makes sense when you know that this natural material has the ability to absorb moisture from your skin and keep you odour-free.

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