The IWTO discuss Colin Campbell’s Hand-Knotted Rugs CollectionInternational Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) hosted its annual Wool Round Table in Montreal, Canada from 4-6 December 2023. There, more than 70 delegates from around the world joined Canadian producers, processors, spinners, designers and retailers, exchanging knowledge and celebrating Canadian wool.

Among the speakers were Keith Donegani and Jenny De Castris of Colin Campbell & Sons. Colin Campbell, based Vancouver, specialises in wool broadloom and area rugs.

The company has collaborated with many local Canadian artists to produce rug collections based on their art. Their latest collection of hand-knotted area rugs draws upon the traditional knotting techniques practised for generations by the Squamish people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. It’s a collaboration that began when Campaign for Wool Canada made a film about weaving traditions called Coast Salish Weaving. Following the film, the idea arose to design and produce a 100% Canadian wool area rug collection based on the Coast Salish designs.

Ongoing Success With Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are nothing new for Colin Campbell. The company first started producing them in 2008, working Tibetan weavers from Nepal. Nepalese rugs are known for high quality, depth of detail, and craftsmanship.

In 2023, the company started work on the collaboration with Campaign for Wool Canada, Chief Janice George, and Buddy Josephs. Together they introduced the unique Squamish tradition of hand-knotting to create a stunning new collection made entirely of quality Canadian wool yarns. The artistry of the Squamish nation, plus the finest wool producers, results in a genuinely, proudly Canadian collection.

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Standing Rock – Sample

The Finest Rugs, Made With The Finest Canadian Wool

To make a hand-knotted rug, the highest quality yarns must be selected. Canadian wool is held in high regard because of elasticity and soft handle.  Campaign for Wool Canada, sourcing from Briggs & Little Woollen Mills in New Brunswick, is supplying the wool for the project. For Colin Campbell, it’s their first experience using Canadian wool.

This exciting new collection is currently in production and is set to be launched officially in 2024. The designs are inspired from images of locations held sacred by the Squamish people, specially chosen by Chief Janice and Buddy Josephs.

Two area rugs that have resulted from this, called Standing Rock and Two Sisters, perfectly capture the images and the spirit of the land they represent. These two rugs will be produced as 8’x10’ area rugs. A third piece, Woven Connections is being marketed as a 2.5’x10’ runner. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Reach out to Colin Campbell via their website,, or following them on Instagram @colincampbellcarpets.

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