Datini Fibres

Datini Fibres is a materials science company based in Karachi, Pakistan with the purpose to transform global post-consumer wool waste into new recycled wool fibres. Our core aim is to re-utilize and give a second life to global post- consumer wool waste. By turning them into new recycled raw materials.

We support textile-recycling processes that save water, energy, and avoid carbon emissions. We recycle fibres into new color ranges without using chemicals or dyes. OON by Datini Fibres strives to set a global standard for excellence in the production of high-quality wool fibre from recycled materials.

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Pakistan Hasnain Lilani Post-Consumer
Wool Fibres
and Yarns

Faliero Sarti

Lanificio Faliero Sarti stands for fashion and innovation since 1949. We are focused on the new challenge for fashion: sustainability and traceability. Sustainability in its wider meaning of both product and process.

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Filati Omega S.R.L.

Filati Omega was founded in 1962 and has been producing yarns since 1990. We produce 10,000 tons of yarn per year, in regular and recycled options. We strive for high quality standards, always investing in production processes with continuous updating of machinery and research of raw materials, in line with the strictest international standards.

Our new investments in renewable energies include a photovoltaic system and energy storage system to bring us to full independence from fossil sources. “Missione zero emission” is our new goal.

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Indorama Holdings Ltd.

We are a Wool Worsted Spinner and started operation in 1994. Our strength remains sustainable yarns for the woven and knitting industry.

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Lanificio Mario Bellucci SPA

Lanificio Mario Bellucci wants to guarantee a future with a dynamic and enthusiastic approach, where the creativity and invention always keep in mind the principals of the quality and tradition that accompany us since 1950.try.

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Manteco SPA

Manteco SPA is a leading textile company for sustainable, circular and high-quality wool fabrics. We started working with recycled wool yarns in 1941, producing new textiles from old military garments. Along the decades, thanks to a constant research, investments and experimentation’s, we have taken recycled wool fabrics to the luxury world.

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Marini Industrie

Marini’s family started making fabrics in 1945. Today, after decades of hard work and innovation, the 3rd generation creates wool fabrics always taking care of the planet and the future generations. For this reason we’re among the firsts who signed up Detox program with Greenpeace.

All our suppliers work in Prato with a sole purpose: bring clothing back to life, turning them into sophisticated cashmere fabrics. From old cashmere sweaters, thanks to this process, we get a new yarn to give life to precious regenerated cashmere fabrics. That’s our contribution to reduce waste and create beauty. Call it Reluxury.

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Marzotto believes it is crucial to promote and support a model of corporate growth alongside the ethic of sustainability. Our re-cycled fabric collection is made from recycled wool and recycled polyester. We should remember that the future of the next generation depends on our present choices.

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Marzotto Lab SRL (Lanerossi Home Textile Division)

Lanerossi Collection: blanket, throws, scarves, poncho, 100% merino wool, cashmere, wool & cashmere. Large stock service of finished products. It is possible to produce customized items for size, colours, composition, design.

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Manifattura Pecci 1884, composed by Pecci Filati and Filati Naturali, is a hub of excellence for the production of yarns for knitwear, inheriting the experience and the values of one of the most representative companies of the textile industry of the Prato area since 1884. There is no luxury without sustainability: this is our motto.

The natural beauty, the human heritage to be preserved, the excellence of innovation: these are all values which – if missing – cannot guarantee the high-end range. For this reason, while pursuing our corporate vision, we look at the circular economy as a point of arrival. We recycle our materials because we believe that in this way they tell even more interesting stories, bringing with them the meaning of their previous lives. We serve the best fashion brands across the world.

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Progetto Lana SRL

Progetto Lana specializes in preparing wool and animal fibres blends suitable to be spun for both knitwear and fabric industry. A huge part of our offering concerns recycled materials. We have RWS and GRS certification and some registered marks including “RIGENEPRATO” dedicated to prepared blending completely Made in Prato, of pre- and post- consumer animal fibres waste.

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Südwolle Group GmbH

“Karma” is our project followed by a team of experts. The challenge is to minimize wastage, using our subproducts made by fibre or final products. Creating circularity on our yarns production is the goal. Yarn can be created starting from internal pre-and post-production of wool and wool blend materials.

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Art. Eolo Nm 24/2 100%Wool (75% Post-industrial Recycled Wool 25% Wool 21 μ)
Art. Zefiro Nm 34/2 S 430 100% Wool 20,5 μ (30% Post-industrial Recycled Worsted Wool – 70% Wool)