After wrapping up the successful first half of the 91st annual Congress in June 2022, International Wool Textile Organisation is ready to launch the second instalment,  24 to 25 October in Puyuan-Tongxiang, China.

Like the first half, it will be a hybrid event, hosted both online and in person in this vibrant Chinese fashion capital.

Puyuan – Capital of Sweaters

The site chosen for the 91st Congress is highly significant. It indicates China’s increasing importance in the global textile industry, and draws attention to one of the world’s centres of fashion – in particular, of sweater production.

Puyuan is located on the Yangtze River Delta Plain and covers a total area of 60 square kilometres. Over the course of its long history, it developed into a prosperous market town, with its rich land water transportation networks giving it a significant advantage as a trading centre. Today, aside from its crucial position as national trading node, it is also famous as China’s “Capital of Sweaters.” Here, we find no fewer than 15 trading areas specializing in the trade of ready-made garments. The annual turnover in sweater trade in China amounts to over 100 billion yuan (over US$138 million).

Due to the importance of the textile trade in the city, the Tongxiang-Puyuan Knitting Industry Park was established in 2000. It is a provincial development zone with a planned area of 15.11 square kilometres and a developed area of 10.98 square kilometres. The area houses more than 5084 separate enterprises. It forms a complete industrial chain that spans every process in the woollen garment production chain, including spinning, knitting, dyeing, accessories production, inspection and testing, logistics and more. It is undoubtedly one of key hubs in the global woollen textile industry, making it a natural choice to host IWTO’s latest Congress.

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91st IWTO Congress, Part 2

Against this rich cultural and economic background, the second half of the IWTO’s 2022 Congress will open on Monday, 24 October. The sessions will cover a range of industry-related topics, including a look at the viewpoints of young professionals from the global wool trade, health and wellness and sustainability. Discover all the topics and speakers in the 91st IWTO Congress Brochure – click on the link to view/download.

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