IWTO discuss Top wool trends from summer trade fairsDuring the northern hemisphere’s Summer, the textile and fashion industries host a number of key trade shows that both look back on the important developments of the previous year and set the tone for what is to come. International Wool Textile Organisation was in attendance at the three leading wool trade shows – Pitti Filati, Premiere Vision and Milano Unica. Here are the key takeaways from the fairs.

Highlights from the Summer Trade Fairs

Sustainability was at the top if the agenda for all three fairs, as one might expect. There was also a general air of optimism as far as the future prospects of the wool industry were concerned. Let’s take a look at the salient points from all three shows.

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Pitti Filati

Pitti Filati was all about the colour green this year. The emphasis was on developing a green eco future for wool yarns and nurturing prospects for natural fibres. Wool was identified as the most important option among natural fibres – great news for the world’s wool producers. Another focus was on caring and wellbeing. New lines of autumn and winter knitwear were unveiled with descriptions such as ‘soft,’ ‘cosy,’ or ‘light’ dominating the promotional copy.

Although it was acknowledged that trade had been difficult for the past three years, there was a strong feeling of optimism and momentum. Wool is being ever more widely recognised as a vital eco product that is traceable, recyclable and ultimately disposable and biodegradable.

Premiere Vision

Paris Premiere Vision was held in July this year, instead of September – its traditional timeslot. Premier Vision’s high attendance numbers were made up predominantly of younger visitors – relative newcomers to the world of high street brands and higher retailers. Bright designs in pure Merino wool or blends dominated the new offerings, with an emphasis on unconventional style and fashion sense that has changed so significantly after the pandemic lockdowns.

Milano Unica

Milano Unica has the same youthful and optimistic feel as the other shows, with wool playing a major role in the new winter fashions. The emphasis on natural fibres could be felt here too, with producers of synthetic fabrics taking pains to explain how their products can be recycled and re-purposed. Another theme was how to incorporate natural and synthetic fibres more effectively. From the design perspective, the dominant trend takes classic colours and reworks them in bolder patterns, reworking and reinventing traditional patterns and motifs.

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Janet Prescott contributed to this report.

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