In 2018, the Dutch men’s apparel label Joe Merino began a special collaboration with another Netherlands-based wool innovator, The Knitwit Stable. This innovative project combines all of the International Wool Textile Organisation’s (IWTO) values: a successful meeting of fine fashion, sustainability and animal care.

About Joe Merino and The Knitwit Stable

Both Joe Merino and The Knitwit Stable are proud exponents of the Dutch wool industry, although they make their contributions at different stages of the supply chain.

Joe Merino is a woollen men’s apparel brand founded in 2011. Its main principle is the creation of wool basics for men, combining luxury, high quality and sustainability with a simple and unfussy approach. Beginning with a range of simple V-neck sweaters, it expanded its collection to include cardigans, crew necks and then a complete range of woollen clothing, from socks to hats. The company is committed to using only wool that comes from animal-friendly, sustainable suppliers.

The Knitwit Stable is the brainchild of Reina Ovinge. After 20 years as a buyer and producer in the wool industry, Reina decided to make a more positive contribution to the industry. She set up The Knitwit Stable as a combined sheep farm and knitting studio, committed to sustainable, animal-friendly production and the reduction of damage, waste and pollution in the wool supply chain. Beautiful angora and merino sheep are bred and well cared for on the farm, and the wool they produce has earned a reputation for its high quality.

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The Jan Merino Project

These two brands came together about four years ago to make fine sweaters from quality Dutch wool. The result was Jan Merino, a label that has since grown into a collection in its own right. It includes the original Jan Merino sweater, as well as the Skipper Jersey and Fisherman’s Sweater. A cable blanket and hat have also been added. All of the designs are made of wool from The Knitwit Stable.

Both Joe Merino and The Knitwit Stable are committed to slow fashion. These designs are meant to last through many seasons, encouraging consumers to choose quality and longevity over fleeting trends.

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