IWTO explore the innovative use of wool for home interiors

Image Credit: The Woolmark Company

Everyone knows about the versatility of wool in the clothing industry, but fewer people are aware of the many ways in which this amazing natural fibre can be used to enrich home interiors. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) explains why wool is the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses in home interiors.

Why Choose Wool for Your Home Interiors

From bedding to curtains and rugs, wool features in a wide variety of quality home interior components. No matter what design it is used in, wool imbues each piece with a homey sense of comfort and relaxation. As a natural, biodegradable fibre, it also improves air quality and dramatically lowers a home’s impact on the environment.

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Beauty and Comfort

In addition to lending itself readily to a variety of styles, wool is the quintessential “comfort fabric.” What better way to adorn bedrooms and living rooms than with a material that represents natural warmth, wellness and a sense of protection against the elements?

Health and Safety

Beauty and comfort aside, wool is also a very good practical choice for decorating interior spaces. It is highly flame-resistant, and because it does not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it also improves air quality. In addition, it is an excellent sound insulating material, which means it can help you create quieter, more peaceful spaces, absorbing and dampening both low and high-frequency sound.


Wool is 100% natural and humanely sourced from sheep who are well cared for in accordance with international standards. Wool textiles are easy to care for, requiring less frequent washing than textiles made from other materials. This increases their longevity, which makes wool a good choice for sustainability. Because wool is a protein-based natural fibre, it will naturally decompose in soil. And unlike synthetic fibres, wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution.

Learn More About Wool and All Its Uses and Benefits

For more information on wool and its multiple uses, as well as the international producers that make up our membership, visit our website and explore the endless resources and information available.

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