Sustainability and woolPeople around the world are asking for more sustainable fashion and a less impactful fashion industry. Woolmark’s complimentary online course provides the tools to achieve those goals. With a focus on the wool fibre and wool industry, the course provides learners with the theory and practical examples of circular design, regenerative agriculture, and manufacturing processes with reduced environmental impacts within the wool supply chain.

How to Use Wool to Meet Sustainability Targets

Designed for designers, brands, manufacturers, tertiary students, and tutors, the free online course provides practical examples alongside the latest thinking on circular design, regenerative agriculture, and manufacturing processes. Throughout the course, industry leaders lend their exclusive insights into the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. Learners will explore ways to create products with a more positive legacy, and how to support reductions in environmental and social impacts.

Once learners complete the course, they will be awarded an independent
certification from Credly to include on their digital CVs.

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Sustainability and Wool – Course Content and Outcomes

The course will provide, in detail, how wool can be a solution to support businesses transition toward a circular and less impactful model.

The course contains six modules and takes approximately four hours to complete. Learners work through the material at their own pace, moving from sustainable development theory and key global frameworks and systems to fashion, textiles and their place in the circular economy. An entire module is devoted to measuring and managing impacts. The final module brings it all together to explore in detail wool’s role.

Visit the Woolmark Learning Centre for more details and to take the course.

Learn All You Need to Know About the Woolmark Learning Centre

The Woolmark Learning Centre is a web-based hub that houses free world-class educational resources about wool for learners at all levels, including those entering the global textile industry as well as those already in it.

On completion of the sustainability course, users gain their own certification from the internationally recognised Credly Acclaim digital credential platform, which can be displayed on the user’s own digital professional portfolio such as LinkedIn.

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