Why Wool Matters

 A new documentary produced with HRH The Prince of Wales for The Campaign for Wool engages with leading academic experts in land management and carbon sequestration to demonstrate why wool is more relevant today than ever.

Narrated by British musician-turned-cheesemaker Alex James, this new short film, Why Wool Matters. shows how wool makes a positive contribution to the planet through sheep’s pastoral grazing.  These findings add to already well-documented research revealing wool’s unique renewable and biodegradable end of life attributes and the contribution the fibre makes to the circular economy. 

View the film now on the Campaign for Wool’s YouTube channel.

Today, 69% of all fibre produced is oil-based synthetic that will remain in landfill for generations to come. In comparison, wool is only 1% of all fibre produced. We need to change that ratio, because wool is one of nature’s best performing and most ecological fibres.

There are a wealth of different wool products, giving many opportunities to choose wool, and experience its properties. These natural properties are unique among fibres – researchers have tried for years to replicate wool, and have not succeeded.

Below, we offer 10 reasons to choose wool, the next time you need to buy something.

10 Reasons to choose wool

Pure wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable. If you love the planet – use more wool!

Wool is warm and cool – it adapts to the wearer!

Wool is flame retardant and will often self-extinguish. Fire-fighters like it because it produces less smoke and toxic fumes – making it a safer choice for the home.

Strong and long lasting – wool carpets and rugs can take lots of heavy wear and are known to look better for longer. Quality always lasts!

Sleep well with a wool bed, pillow, duvet and blanket – scientific tests show that wool will create a sleep climate perfect for you, bringing deeper sleep, lasting comfort and sweet dreams.

Wool has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties – it makes the air that we breathe cleaner and better.

Wrap your babies in wool so they breathe easy – wool will keep them cosy and warm but not too hot as it cleverly changes to their temperature needs and is good for their skin.

Insulate with wool, soundproof with wool, wear it, walk on it, wrap things with it. The world’soldest renewable fibre is also the most versatile and modern.

Sheep are amazing – they graze peacefully, grow wonderful wool, we use it to make beautiful textiles and the whole process begins again… no depletion, just sustainable and sensible.

Wool is smarter than any other fibre – it travels a long way on its journey from the sheep to finished product but it never loses any of its remarkable qualities and it looks and feels fabulous too.

About the Campaign for Wool

The Campaign for Wool is a global community of sheep farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and consumers united by its patron His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The Campaign aims to educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life. This in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry.

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