Global worsted yarn producer Südwolle Group has announced the launch of their latest Suedwebs Innovation Hub Story, a collaboration with innovative brand and manufacturer Pepper Vally that aims to transform denim into a sustainable and inclusive fashion statement made from wool. 

 The project, titled “Redefining wool denim: From Classic to Sustainable,” sets a new standard for eco-friendliness and inclusivity.  

 Together, Pepper Vally and Südwolle Group focused on pioneering fabric manufacturing methods that combine natural elements and innovative techniques to create not just clothing, but a story of compassion for people and the planet.  

 A Suedwebs Innovation Hub Story 

In its quest to redefine denim, the team turned away from traditional weaving methods. Instead, the team decided to knit the denim. The result is a fabric that is lighter, more elastic, and remarkably durable while minimizing its environmental impact. 

These yarns fuse natural beauty with practical benefits: 

  • Seymour Nm 1/48: A blend of merino wool and TENCEL®, chosen for its temperature regulating properties, light weight and elegant drape. 
  • Caprera Nm 1/60: A blend of merino wool and COOLMAX® selected for its durability, temperature regulation and water resistance. 

The interplay of specialty yarns, innovative fabric structures and distinctive design concepts yields a denim collection that challenges conventional notions of jeans. The garments are stylish, high performance and environmentally friendly. When worn, there is a sense of both aesthetic and comfort. 

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Fusing Natural Beauty with Practical Benefits 

Overall, this project is a testament to Südwolle Group’s commitment to uniting aesthetics and functionality by focusing on yarns that look and feel great while embodying durability, environmental responsibility, and versatility. These yarns are as durable and adaptable as a pair of jeans and fit seamlessly into all facets of daily life without compromising on style and comfort. 

Südwolle Group is a global producer of worsted yarn in pure wool and wool blends for weaving, circular, flat knitting and technical applications. Sustainable excellence in all its dimensions is a philosophy that drives the organization’s operations, planning and investment actions.  

Pepper Vally® is a conceptual design studio & workshop based in Athens. Since 2011 the Pepper Vally team offers special knitted concept ideas implementation based in flat knitting technology and hi-end limited edition production in Greece.   

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