Synthetic fibres have long held a dominant position in the field of interior decorating. However, more and more people are waking up to the fact that natural fibres such as wool have the ability to create interior décor that is beautiful as well as useful and sustainable. International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) considers the beauty of wool interiors.

Wool and Interior Design

Interior designers adore wool. The fibre can be used to fashion carpets and hangings with superior, handle and drape, not to mention gorgeous colours and designs that retain their beauty for years. Wool fabric forms beautiful shapes and hangs elegantly. It is also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of colours, textures, weights and weaves. Wool carpets and cushions can be created, with endless possibilities for patterns and colours. Wool also does not fray and resists wrinkles.

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Luxury, Safety and Resilience

Aside from its visual beauty, wool is also a soft and comforting fabric that makes any space more welcoming and homely. However, its softness disguises remarkable strength and resilience. The wool fibre has its own natural protective layer, which makes it resistant to wear, stains and odours. It also collects less dirt than other fabrics, which makes it both healthier and easier to clean.

Wool is naturally fire resistant, which makes it perfect for any interior space, since fire hazards could arise at any time. Consider the following comparison: cotton will catch alight at 255 degrees Celsius, while wool will only catch fire somewhere between 570 and 600 degrees Celsius.

Wool is a natural fibre that is sustainable and long-lasting, but it is also beautiful. It lends itself to so many uses, including the creation of beautiful, luxurious, high-quality interior decorations. Wool is the best option for bedding, hangings and cushions, not only because of its health benefits, but because of the touch of beauty and luxury it can add to any space. Wool provides warmth, comfort and beauty, while also having a minimal impact on the environment. These are all excellent reasons to choose wool for your interiors.

Learn All You Need to Know About the International Wool Industry

Wool proves to be an exceptional and versatile choice for interior design. Its natural beauty, durability, and eco-friendly properties make it a perfect fit for creating comfortable and elegant spaces.

Throughout this journey exploring wool in interiors, we have witnessed how this timeless material adds warmth, texture, and character to any room. Wool’s inherent qualities, such as moisture-wicking and flame resistance, ensure a safe and cozy environment for occupants.

For more information on the wool industry around the world, contact IWTO or take a look at our fact sheets, statistics and guidelines.

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