IWTO discuss The Capsule Collection - Introducing the 100 Mile

Image Credit: Campaign for Wool Canada

The 2021 edition of the Campaign for Wool Capsule Collection at Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew featured exciting new pieces by local designers LINE, SMYTHE and ça va de soi. The Campaign for Wool was launched by HRH The Prince of Wales, as part of his global effort to promote the natural, sustainable benefits of wool. International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) puts the spotlight on one of the collection’s featured designs for 2021: SMYTHE’s 100 Mile Jacket.

The Campaign for Wool Capsule Collection

Wool month takes place every October throughout Canada, and features special events and collaborations with clothing designers, wool producers and retailers, aimed at showcasing the benefits of wool and advancing the aims of the Campaign for Wool. The 2021 edition featured a collaboration between retailer Holt Renfrew and three Canadian designers, each of which launched brand new creations made entirely from locally sourced wool.

“We look forward to Wool Month each year because it presents an opportunity to share the virtues of Canadian wool in a way that is fun and engaging”, says Matthew J. Rowe, CEO of the Campaign for Wool Canada. “This year, we’ve secured some exceptional partners who we think will turn some heads and get people excited about our favourite fibre.” Among these partners was Toronto-based fashion house SMYTHE, who launched their latest creation, the 100 Mile Jacket.

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SMYTHE’s 100 Mile Jacket

Part of the 2021 Campaign for Wool Capsule Collection, the 100 Mile Jacket takes its name from the fact that it is produced from single-flock, Canadian wool that is spun, dyed, woven, combed, and sewn at mills and workshops within 100 miles of Toronto. It is conceived as a celebration of both Canadian design and artisanal talent and showcases the potential for Canadian wool.

SMYTHE’s contribution to the Capsule Collection also includes a blazer made using fabric from renowned UK mill Abraham Moon, another global partner of the Campaign for Wool. LINE and ça va de soi also made quite an impact with their additions to the collection: knitwear made with fully traceable Responsible Wool Standard yarns from the former, and a luxurious soft throw from the latter.

Alexandra Weston, Holt Renfrew’s Divisional Vice President, says of the Campaign and the collection: “Our commitment towards sustainability in retail is one we take very seriously. The collection showcases both the incredible natural characteristics of Canadian wool, and the wealth of design talent in this country. We are immensely proud to be able to curate a collection that we can stand behind as sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, and beautiful.”

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