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Many of the world’s sporting codes have picked up on the benefits of pure wool clothing. Many cyclists have switched to the innovative, knitted riding gear produced by companies such as Studio Eva x Carola and Mons Royale, and are happy to spread the news of its benefits. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) looks at the new, all-wool riding clothing currently growing in popularity among both professional and amateur riders.

Breathable Outfits for An Increasingly Popular Activity

Quality cycling gear is not just for professional racers and mountain bikers. Cycling is an increasingly popular leisure activity as well. Around the world, the number of people taking up the pastime is on the increase. As COVID-19 lockdowns took hold, and gyms remained shut for months, people either dusted off their old bikes or bought new ones, looking for an accessible solution to help them keep fit and healthy.

This surge in popularity is not only about fitness – in a world of congested traffic and expensive, environmentally harmful transport, cycling has become a convenient, cheap and green commuting solution. So sharp was the sudden increase in demand for bicycles over the past year that suppliers struggled to keep up.

However, among the many major differences between driving, or using public transport, and cycling, is that the latter requires a fair amount of physical exertion. Riders need comfortable, breathable clothing that can keep them cool. The likes of Eva X Carola and Mons Royale have stepped up to fill this gap.

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Merino Wool Innovations for Cyclists

Mons Royale is a New Zealand-based wool garment producer that has been operational since 2009. It specialises in the production of high quality garments for those who live an active lifestyle. Their best-known innovation is Merino Air-Con, a patented activewear fabric designed to keep wearers cool and comfortable through any variations in humidity, temperature and altitude. The extremely lightweight fabric is constructed from 83% Merino wool. The Merino fibres are spun around a nylon core, and this combination helps to provide comfort, odour control and breathability. Elastane is added into the mix to provide ease of movement and shape retention.

Studio Eva X Carola is already well known for their unique designs. The company recently unveiled a seamless women’s wool cycling kit constructed from Südwolle Merino wool. The ultra-lightweight kit is made from yarns knitted on a Santoni knitting machine, chosen for superior softness, breathability and moisture management. The collection consists of a bib, jersey, arm-warmers and socks. A kit for men is now also available.

“By smartly selecting the right Merino wool yarns and creating beautiful textures and loft structures, the garments not only offer a gentle-on-the-skin comfort, but also provide durability and protection during your ride,” explains Eva de Laat of Studio Eva x Carola.

If you are planning to take up cycling, either as a way of doing your daily commute, to keep fit or to compete in sporting events, you can rest assured that there is clothing available to make the experience a more enjoyable one. Be sure to choose genuine Merino wool cycling kits.

Learn More About Wool and Benefits on the IWTO Website

Wool continues to prove that it is a diverse material that can be used for multiple purposes. This innovative collaboration paves the way to a new breed of natural, sustainable performance apparel. For more information on wool as a high-performance fibre, click here.

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