Andy Murray

Image Credit: The Woolmark Company

Tennis star Andy Murray has returned to Wimbledon this year in a very special performance kit that is set to bring Merino wool to worldwide attention. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) looks at the innovative new, all-wool performance kit that Murray has developed with AMC and The Woolmark Company, and which he is wearing on the courts of Wimbledon this month.

Bringing Wool into Centre Court

The kit that the two-time Wimbledon champion is wearing on the famous grass courts, as he makes another attempt to claim the title, is the first of its kind, created from pure Merino wool and engineered to enhance performance.

Before the start of the tournament, Murray commented that he had been testing the kit for several months and was really happy with how it feels and performs.

Stuart McCullough, managing director of The Woolmark Company, said: “The launch of this innovative kit elevates Merino wool to an entirely new level of performance on a global stage and demonstrates that Merino wool garments are both stylish and capable of use in an elite sporting environment.”

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Merino Wool – The Original Performance Fabric

Merino wool is the perfect fibre for high performance active wear. No other fibre can match its breathability, softness and thermoregulation properties. It keeps sportsmen and sportswomen cool and comfortable and its natural elasticity is ideal for stretching, while its odour resistance abilities keeps players feeling fresh even after a long, hard match.

This beautiful natural fibre now has the full endorsement of one of the world’s most admired athletes. Murray, who is Britain’s most successful homegrown tennis star, has worked alongside AMC on the design of these garments. “I work closely with the designers on every piece and giving regular feedback,” he says. “For me, technical performance is vital. It’s also very important the kit is sustainable and I like the fact that it looks and feels a bit different.

The launch of the kit coincides with the start of the 2021 Wimbledon tournament.

Learn More About Wool and All Its Uses and Benefits

Wool continues to prove that it is a diverse material that can be used for multiple purposes. This innovative collaboration paves the way to a new breed of natural, sustainable performance apparel. For more information on wool as a high-performance fibre, click here.

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