The IWTO Wool Round Table welcomes keynote speaker Jobair Jaber, founder of Milo & Dexter.  Jobair founded Milo & Dexter in 2019 and has since made a firm strategic commitment to Canadian manufacturing and the development of the Canadian wool industry.

The brand is based in Chabanel – the heart of Montreal’s garment district.

Here, we take a look at the concept of the brand, along with Milo & Dexter’s recent WOOL PROJECT.

Paying homage to Canadian style

Milo & Dexter was born in the heart of Canada’s garment district: Chabanel. The brand’s garments pay homage to the Canadian lifestyle, past and present. Each item in the offering is designed to stand the test of time. Milo and Dexter uses fabrics and techniques that put quality at the core. The brand’s aesthetic guidelines incorporate classical yet modern elements.

The brand is entirely made in Canada with materials manufactured and sourced across the country.

100% Canadian Wool

For the WOOL PROJECT, Milo and Dexter engages in the revival of a traditional wool industry. The wool industry in Canada has been dismantled and offshored steadily since 1945.  Reversing that trend, the WOOL PROJECT features a beanie, sweater, and vest – all 100% Canadian wool, supplied from Canadian sheep.

Once the wool is retrieved from the sheep, it is turned to yarn, put on a cone, knitted into sheets of fabric and then cut and sown into garments. The wool is not dyed in order to show the true colors of Canadian sheep.

Milo & Dexter is proud to bring the first fully Canadian wool knitted set to life and to be playing a part in the revival of the wool industry.

The IWTO Wool Round Table – 4-6 December 2023

In partnership with the Canadian Wool Council and Campaign for Wool Canada, the IWTO Wool Round Table brings together the global wool textile industry for three days of networking and knowledge-sharing. Visits to local industry are a much-loved highlight of the event.

Held in Canada for the first time, participants will rediscover the value of wool as a natural, renewable fibre whose end uses are limited only by the imagination. More information at