IWTO Welcome to Wool MonthIn October 2022, The Campaign for Wool and its supporters came together  to celebrate Wool Month. The month-long event is aimed at highlighting the attributes and benefits of wool – in particular, its many environmental advantages. International Wool Textile Organisation and its members were key participants in the event.

Wool Month was originally known as Wool Week, and was organised as a collaborative effort involving farmers, textile manufacturers, carpet makers, fashion and interior designers, artisans and other textile industry role players. The aim was to promote wool as a natural fibre with numerous uses and environmental benefits. Over a number of a years, the event was extended to two weeks and then, in 2021, was upgraded to an entire month.

Why Wool Matters

The latest edition of Wool Month was intended, through its many participants and events, to explain “Why Wool Matters.” All participants were asked to provide their unique take on what makes wool so important. In doing so, Wool Month 2022 invited everyone to ask more questions about the products we buy, the choices we make and how they affect our environment.

This is a vital theme and the questions it raises could not be more relevant as the world battles climate change and its effects.

Some of the world’s most important brands took part in the month-long program of events. The launch was held in Yorkshire, as Britain’s primary base for wool manufacturing, and the flagship event was held a few days later in London, allowing leading brands to showcase their products, as well as their contribution to the themes and aims of Wool Week. Some of the brands involved were Marks & Spencer, who launched its new Originals Menswear Collection; womenswear label Hobs, luxury fashion brand Brora and Merino wool specialist Gerber & Co.

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The History of The Campaign for Wool

Wool Month is an initiative of the Campaign for Wool, which was launched just over a decade ago to promote the desirability of wool. The British wool industry, as well as stakeholders around the world, have all benefitted from the various initiatives launched by the Campaign. Its Dumfries House Declaration, launched in 2016, provided a 10-point standard for the wool industry, which has been adopted by many stakeholders throughout the sector. Under the auspices of its patron, HM King Charles III, the Campaign for Wool continues to advocate for wool as a beautiful, versatile, robust and environmentally friendly fibre.

Learn All You Need to Know About the International Wool Industry

For more information on the wool industry around the world, take a look at our fact sheets, statistics and guidelines.

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