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Yoga is proven to offer individuals a variety of physical and mental benefits. Simultaneously, wool is known to provide several environmental and health benefits. Few people have thought about the double benefits experienced by combining the two. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) examines the benefits of wearing wool apparel when practicing yoga.

5 Benefits of Wearing Woollen Yoga Clothing

If you practise yoga at all – whether you have just started attending classes or have been practising for years, you will be well aware of the importance of choosing the right gear. You need clothes that offer maximum comfort, that retain their shape and don’t get in the way of your movements, allowing you to keep your mind and body on your practice. Core Merino, a brand based in South Africa, introduced a Merino-wool Yoga Collection two years ago to provide exactly that.

1. Better Grip

The secure placement of hands and feet is essential for yoga postures. Some fabrics can prevent you from holding poses properly as they are too slippery. By practising in Merino wool, you’ll feel safe enough to go deeper into postures without worrying about whether your clothes can handle it,

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2. Wool Material is Breathable

When you are practicing yoga, you want to avoid excessive sweat that makes you uncomfortable and too slippery to effectively complete the poses. Wool is an extremely breathable material with a natural ability to absorb moisture vapour and move it out to evaporate into the air. This keeps your skin dry and cool, keeping you comfortable during your session. Read more about wool and breathability here.

3. Wool is Natural and Biodegradable

Merino wool is consistent with the yoga lifestyle because it is 100 % natural and produced in harmony with the planet. The wool used by Core Merino is typically produced along strict guidelines that provide for the health and welfare of the sheep from which it is sourced. Even better, wool is made of keratin, the same as human hair, and research shows it will biodegrade quickly and easily with no negative impact on the planet- any yogi’s dream! If you are interested in learning more about wool and biodegradability, click here.

4. Elasticity

Wool has a natural elasticity which ensures that woollen yoga garments stretch with the wearer, then return to their original shape. This frees you to move through your full range of motion. When you’re finished, you’ll feel fully stretched but your clothes won’t show a sign of it.

5. Wool Offers UV Protection

Want to take your practice outdoors? When you choose to wear wool, you can be assured because research shows wool is more effective than most other fabrics when it comes to absorbing UV rays. Although you should still use sunscreen, your woollen garments will keep you protected from the sun absorbing UV-A and UV-B rays with a UPF factor of over 40.

Learn More About the Benefits of High-Quality Wool

Not only is wool a great material for workout gear, but it is also sustainable. Make the switch to wool products today. IWTO is the global authority for standards in the wool textile industry and are committed to paving the way for wool as a sustainable and diverse material. Learn more about the fascinating material that is wool by browsing our fact sheet.

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