Based in County Meath, Ireland, International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) member Wool in School is an organisation that is committed to educating children about the beauty of wool and the many benefits that this natural fibre offers. In addition to its educational outreach programs, it also offers a number of opportunities for businesses to involve themselves in wool initiatives.

A Wool-Inspired Education Company

Wool in School is dedicated to raising awareness of wool, its production and its sustainable qualities. It works in school, home and community environments to educate children about the many benefits of wool. Since 2019, it has worked to expand knowledge and appreciation for wool and its uses. In so doing, it also supports schools, libraries, family events and communities with its message and specially designed learning materials.

At the heart of Wool in School’s education programs is the Wool2Ewe box. This educational toolkit features colourful printed displays for use in the classroom, helping educators to teach children about the properties of wool and how they benefit the planet. Using these materials, children can learn why wool matters when it comes to fighting climate change, and how it helps to reduce waste and use more sustainable materials. It traces the entire wool value chain from farm to fabric, and helps to inspire enthusiasm for genuine, lasting change. Wool2Ewe provides a fun, engaging, hands-on learning experience.

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Wool in School Business Opportunities

Wool in School engages in partnerships with businesses to enhance the understanding of wool and engage communities in enriching educational experiences. Through a licensing agreement, companies can advocate the advantages of wool to local children. The Corporate Social Responsibility Non-Exclusive License for the Wool2Ewe box and program empowers companies and charitable organizations to develop and distribute educational resources in schools and various community settings. Furthermore, this license provides access to an online educational platform and the option to personalize the educational box with their distinctive branding.

The second type of license available is the Non-Exclusive licence for the online programme only . This license caters to businesses and educational institutions seeking to integrate the Wool2Ewe online program into their educational offerings. It is designed for businesses/colleges offering high-quality textile and agriculture education that align with Wool in School’s fundamental values.

Wool in school offers IWTO members a complimentary consultation to explore tailored solutions.

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