IWTO discuss The AlpTextyles Project eventAlpTextyles is a research and education project under the initiative of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. With the involvement of 12 partner organizations from six countries in the region, the project draws from the rich heritage of Alpine textile ecosystems to develop solutions to optimize textile resources and tackle climate change. International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) looks forward to a special research day, hosted by AlpTextyles in collaboration with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, on 12 March 2024. Titled “The Living Textile Heritage of the Alps,” the event will dive deep into consumer insights, industry best practices and community experience, with a view towards ensuring a sustainable future for the Alpine wool and textile industries.

A Living Textile Heritage

The Research Day marks the completion of AlpTextyles’ first year of dedicated research work. Key players in the project will present and discuss findings about the local textile market and value chains. It is set to be an immersive experience with excellent networking opportunities and creative thinking. The project has mapped crucial steps in the Alpine textile value chains, and experts will explore these rediscoveries.

The project is described as a “journey on circularity, collaboration and innovation. It starts by looking into the past, the long history of the region’s textile industry, it journeys through the present realities of local communities and industry role players, with a view towards securing the sector’s future.

The event includes an exciting line-up of talks, discussions and an exhibition. A number of high-profile speakers are scheduled to attend, including representatives from EU institutions, international organizations and cultural associations, including the DG Department of Growth of the European Commission, EURATEX, WIPO and, of course, IWTO.

The Research Day will brief attendees on its findings, as well as the actions being taken to minimize environmental impact through relocalized value chains and consumer perceptions. It will close with a policy roundtable that will focus on the future of circular textile value chains.

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IWTO at the AlpTextyle Research Day

Dalena White, Secretary General of the IWTO, will participate in the panel for one of the discussions to be held at the event. Called “Wool and other fibres ‘Made in the Alps’: Towards a sustainable and circular future,” this discussion will cover the mapping of value chains and environmental footprint in Alpine textile industries. It will be presented at 13:30, with Tobias Chilla and Markus Lambracht, from Friedrich Alexander University, and Walter Aigner, from Montiola Consulting, leading the presentation. Other panellists include Pascal Gautrand, Managing Director of Collectif Tricolor; Patrizia Maggia, President of Agenzie Lane d’Italia and Lucija White, Project Officer at the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia.

The event will be held at Hôtel de Région in Lyon.

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