It’s Wovember! That’s Wool + November, an annual social media and online campaign that celebrates and promote the use of wool.

Like Movember, which raises awareness about men’s health, Wovember takes place during November and aims to amplify the benefits of using wool.

Here, we take a look at Wovember and its celebration of all things wool.

We ♥ #Wovember – The Joy of All Things Wool

Wovember was founded as a blog campaign by Kate Davies and Felicity Ford in 2011. They wanted to raise awareness about the unique qualities of wool, its sustainability, and its importance in textile traditions.

Taking place during the month of November, Wovember focuses on activities, blog posts, social media sharing, and discussions about wool and its many attributes. The campaign seeks to educate people about wool, support the wool industry, and foster a sense of community among those who appreciate this natural fibre.

Wovember gained a following among crafters, farmers, and just about anyone with a passion for this amazing sustainable and natural fiber. By participating in Wovember, individuals can contribute to a global movement that celebrates the beauty, sustainability, and versatility of wool while connecting with others who feel the same!

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Get Involved with Wovember

Since 2018, Wovember has mainly been observed on Instagram. Participants are invited to use a list of 30 prompts to create a post each day of November about wool.

Since 2022, was launched by Anne Frost, knitting podcaster and wool enthusiast. This new website will serve as an ongoing depository for wool knowledge with contributions from members of the wooly world.

How to participate in Wovember:

  1. Use the Hashtag: Share your wool-related content on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #Wovember. This allows your posts to be part of the larger campaign.
  2. Share Stories and Projects: Whether you’re a knitter, weaver, or wool enthusiast, share your wool-related stories, projects, and experiences online. This can include pictures of your creations, information about the wool you use, or anecdotes about your experiences with wool.
  3. Connect with Others: Engage with the Wovember community by commenting on and liking posts from fellow participants. You can also follow the official LoveWovember website and Wovember Instagtam account for updates and inspiration.
  4. Learn and Educate: Take the opportunity to learn more about wool, its benefits, and its cultural significance, and share this knowledge with your audience. Check out IWTO’s own for facts on sustainability, wool for health, and more. IWTO’s many wool resources are also at your disposal!

Learn All You Need to Know About the International Wool Industry

For more information on the wool industry around the world, take a look at our fact sheets, statistics, and guidelines, or visit our website.