This year, organic, sustainable fabrics are set to be all the rage in the world of formal men’s fashion. For the first time, fully knitted, woollen suits will be introduced to the global fashion market. International Wool Textile Organisation details this exciting development.

The Woolmark Company Partners With BOSS

The Woolmark Company, marketing arm of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), has entered into a trailblazing partnership with fashion giant BOSS to take suit design in an entirely new direction: fully knitted. John Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of AWI, calls this new development a game changer.

“Our product innovation team in Germany worked closely with BOSS and STOLL a leader in flat knitting machine technology and used yarns from Südwolle Group to turn this great idea into reality,” Roberts adds.

The introduction of the first fully-knitted, Merino wool suit is the latest development in a long-standing partnership between AWI and BOSS. The fashion label has long favoured Merino wool. The new design is not so much intended to replace tailored suits, but to offer exciting and sustainable options for consumers to choose from.

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”A Sartorial Evolution”

The new suit is unique in its construction. Knitted pieces are created on state-of-the-art Stoll knitting machines in Germany before being sent to BOSS’s manufacturing hub in Italy, where the final garments are stitched together and sent out to the global market.

The global face of this sartorial evolution is BOSS brand ambassador and TikTok star Khaby Lame, who has lent his charisma and humour to the marketing campaigns currently promoting the product to consumers around the world. However, this innovation is not merely about high fashion. It promotes sustainability through the use of all-natural fibres, and reduces waste through the use of industry-leading manufacturing technology. Beautiful fashion design combines with cutting-edge knitting technology and a strong environmental consciousness to create a fashion innovation set to take formal menswear into the future.

Roberts concludes: “We are thrilled to partner with and guide BOSS, passing on our technical knowledge to develop the innovative Merino wool-rich knitted suit, which challenges the conventional construction of a suit. What’s so exciting about this garment is its unique knitted construction, achieved by a state-of-the-art STOLL knitting machine, resulting in less fabric waste. This is another way that AWI is working towards strengthening Australian wool’s future by using cutting edge technology to reach more consumers especially younger ones.”

At the end of 2022, BOSS launched its first range of fully-knitted Merino suits at their global flagship stores, and it very quickly sold out. A second line is currently in production.

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