Another year has come to a close, and as it does we take a moment to look back on what you liked most about wool in the past twelve months. The natural versatility of the wool fibre means there’s always something new in development or on the market. Thanks for reading and sharing these wool stories! We’ll be back with more in 2022.

The Top Wool Stories of 2021

Here’s what you read and shared the most from the IWTO Wool Blog this year:

10. Wool pellets for fertilizer

Wool Pellets

Image Credit: Wild Valley Farms

Studies have shown that it takes only six months for wool to degrade completely in the soil. The organic properties of wool can be put to good use in your garden, thanks to innovations like the wool fertilizer pellets developed by Wild Valley Farms in Utah.

9. Wool for insulating packing material

Credit: WoolCool

Image Credit: WoolCool

Packaging material needs to be a dependable insulator. Thanks to its wealth of benefits, wool is becoming a more popular choice for packaging material.

8. Wool insulation for homes and buildings

Grey wool insulation

Homes need insulation to provide adequate noise absorption, to control heat levels and make a building more comfortable. Of the many insulation materials on the market, wool stands out as the ideal natural option.

7. The rise of wool shoes

Icebug wool shoes

Wool shoes were a cult hit in Silicon Valley, then spread throughout the world. Comfortable, durable, and fashionable, why not see for yourself what the buzz is all about?

6. Knitting with wool

Woman knitting

There’s more to knitting than just the finished products. The act of knitting is meditative, relaxing and calming the mind. The natural beauty and properties of wool enhance the experience even further.

5. Recycled wool

Image Credit: Marzotto Lanerossi

Wool products have an exceptionally long lifespan, meaning that they are often passed from one generation to the next. However, their stories don’t need to end there.  Many leading textile brands use recycled wool fibres to produce high quality fabrics and garments.

4. How wool contributes to wellness

Baby sleeping in wool blanket

Wool is 100% natural, sustainable and long-lasting, but did you know that it is also good for your health? From the ability to help underweight newborn babies thrive, to regulating your temperature and improving your quality of sleep, wool makes our lives better in so many ways.

3. Why wool makes the ideal sports partner

Image Credit: The Woolmark Company

A natural option for both sustainability and performance, wool is fast becoming the future for technical clothing. The Woolmark Company’s partnership with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team shows just how well this remarkable fibre can adapt to a diverse range of challenges.

2. How wool helps you get a good night’s sleep

Devon Duvet

Studies show that wool bedding and sleepwear can help you rest better and longer. And Merino wool bedding is now recognised by a leading international standards body as “asthma and allergy friendly.” Maybe it’s time to start sleeping with wool!

1. Lightweight wool – and why we can wear wool in summer

Image Credit: Scabal

Set aside your usual cotton, linen, or even silk clothes this summer and embrace the benefits of wool. Discover the joys of lightweight wool for summer clothing and why designers and fashionistas alike adore using this versatile and natural material in their designs.

And that’s our Top 10 for 2021. See you back here for more wool developments in 2022!