The Next Generation in the Wool Industry

The wool industry is seeking to build a new generation of leaders to carry it into the future. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) has been running a successful Young Professionals programme since 2012. The programme offers mentorship and networking opportunities to people under the age of 35. Each young professional is matched with a senior member of the industry so that they can gain valuable insights and experience to help them grow as industry leaders. Attracting Young Professional to The Wool Industry The IWTO Congress 2021 was held from 17 to 21 May, and a number of previous Young Professionals spoke about their experience of the program and how it has prepared them for a career in the industry. Christa Rochford, Wool Marketing Program Manager for the American Wool Council, said that she entered the industry seven years ago after stumbling across it. “It is a wonderful industry once