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Congress 2021

Let's Talk Wool The IWTO Congress took place 17-21 May this year with a fully digital series of presentations and discussions held over the course of five days and spanning time global zones. From what's driving wool sustainability to the latest market statistics, we heard from some of the world's leading wool professionals and experts – to view the programme, click on the image below. This annual event is a highlight of the global wool textile industry calendar.  Videos from various presentations, and some entire presentations, are available on the IWTOCHANNEL. IWTO Members and Event Attendees may log in to view selected presentations. Programme Highlights Opening Session Scott Williams, who facilitated Australia's Wool 2030 Strategy, opened the Congress on 17 May with insights into this new vision. He was joined by the Campaign for Wool's Peter Ackroyd, who has guided the Campaign into key international markets

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America’s Cup: Why Wool Gear Is The Ideal Partner

Member of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team-Image credit: The Woolmark Company There are so many reasons why choosing wool is a great idea for your outdoor and sports gear. A natural option for both sustainability and performance, wool is fast becoming the future for technical clothing. The Woolmark Company’s partnership with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team shows just how well this remarkable fibre can adapt to a diverse range of material, and human, challenges. Wool for Technical Clothing When it comes to wool, Mother Nature has done a great job of making a fibre that delivers under pressure. The Woolmark Company now takes wool to the next level by providing technical clothing for the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team. At a time when other teams are wearing synthetic fibres and trying to get the same properties, members of the Luna Rossa Prada

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