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World Ocean Day: The Impact of Wool

Following World Ocean Day, which was celebrated on 8 June 2021, The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) look at this year’s theme and share some interesting information on wool’s impact on our oceans. World Ocean Day is a global initiative to celebrate and create awareness of our shared oceans, with their rich biodiversity, and vital importance to all life on the planet. Every June, the day’s organisers invite individuals and organisations to engage in this global celebration and extend it all year round. IWTO, together with our partners and members, is an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative. It is fully in alignment with our ethos of sustainable business. Choosing wool over other alternatives in the manufacture of clothing and furniture has a surprising impact on the environment, including the oceans. Read Next: NBA All-Star, Ben Simmons releases merchandise in collaboration with The Woolmark Company A Commitment to Protect 30%

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Let’s Talk Wool

Let's Talk Wool The 90th IWTO Congress celebrated the creation of the first global wool trading standards, drafted 90 years ago. Soon, the textile trade will be tied to sustainability. Here’s how wool is leading the conversation. One of the effects of the ongoing pandemic is that people care more about the clothes they buy and how they are made. They want to buy less and wear what they have for longer. As consumers begin to turn over clothing labels and ask pertinent questions about the origins of their purchases, makers and sellers have a duty to provide transparent and truthful answers. The global wool pipeline is responding to this call. Over the course of the IWTO Congress, held 17-21 May, speakers from the wool textile pipeline spoke to solutions being developed and, in many cases, already offered by the industry. Towards Carbon Zero 2020 brought twenty years of

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