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The Importance of Staying Fit and Healthy, And How Wool Plays a Part

During the global pandemic that has disrupted the world, many people found themselves with an unusual amount of free time on their hands. With shopping malls, gyms and other popular public places closed in an attempt to flatten the curve of COVID-19, many relied on daily workouts, such as running, walking and cycling, as a way to stay active and get out of the house. Since then, there has been a significant increase in people adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle. If you are one of these people, like us at IWTO, take the time to educate yourself on the importance of fitness and health, as well as the benefits of wool in sportswear and how it can enhance your workout. The Benefits of Staying Active and Wearing Wool While You Do It Staying active can be challenging for many people, but it does help to have the

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Wool Face Masks In Demand

Covid-19 has made face masks 2020's most required accessory. Fashionable or not, public health officials around the world now agree: covering the nose and mouth helps reduce the spread of Covid-19. So, we need to cover up. For most of us that means a comfortable, protective covering for everyday use. Something washable and re-useable is a real win over single-use and disposable. Wool Face Masks: Natural, Breathable, Re-Useable Wool is unique among fibres in that, thanks to the structure of its fibres, it naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and allows the skin to breathe. Research has shown how superfine Merino wool operates as a dynamic buffer, regulating humidity and temperature near the skin – read more about how that works here. The result is: you feel drier and more comfortable. Many of the wool masks now on the market are using Merino wool next to the skin, or

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Wool’s Role in Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion has recently been thrust into the spotlight with the media reporting on sustainability across various industries. Companies are being forced to reconsider everything from raw materials to production and labour practices. The fashion industry is moving towards the reusing and recycling of fashion items as opposed to utilizing more and more resources. Mindsets are shifting towards sustainable materials and labour practices. Governments around the world are rethinking how products, including clothing, are made and disposed of. The EU, for example, has ambitious plans for collecting used textiles and ensuring that products are easier to reuse, repair and recycle. What is Sustainable Fashion? Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system. There is a shift toward greater environmental integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion involves more than tackling textiles or products solely, it involves addressing the system of fashion

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