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Cotton-Based Substitute for Plastic Wins Award

A cotton-based substitute for plastic wins natural fibres award IWTO congratulates Dr. Noureddine Abidi, Professor and Director, Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute, at Texas Tech University, for winning the  2020 Discover Natural Fibre Innovation Award. The Discover Natural Fibres Initiative - DNFI - announced the winner of the annual award today, 30 Ocotber. In his winning submission, Dr Abidi created a process which transforms low-quality cotton fibre into a gel that can be turned into bioproducts, including bio-plastic films. The process that uses a plant-based substitute is an inexpensive alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Moreover, the cotton-based bio-plastic is biodegradable in soil, yet stable in household conditions. Products made from this bio-plastic film would have properties similar to those of plastics currently in common use – but with several environmental benefits. Cotton-based innovation shows how natural fibres offer eco-friendly options to petroleum-based synthetics Commerical options for the cotton-gel/bio-plastic process include

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The Benefits of Using Wool for Natural Insulation in Buildings

Homes need insulation to provide adequate noise absorption, to control heat levels and make a building more comfortable. Of the many insulation materials on the market, wool stands out as the ideal natural option for sustainable building insulation. Here, IWTO explains why. Furthermore, a sustainable insulation material like wool is a key component of eco-friendly buildings, with growing environmental trends meaning every building is aiming towards becoming more sustainable overall. How Using Wool as a Natural Insulation Material Can Be Beneficial Here are four reasons why you should choose wool as your home’s natural insulation material. You can find further information regarding the many benefits of wool on our Wool Interiors Fact Sheet. Reason #1: Wool is Flame Resistant Wool’s flame-resistant properties are largely due to the fact that wool ignites less readily than other organic materials. Using wool as your chosen insulation material can help to prevent fire

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