The Use of Wool Insulating Packing Material for Pharmaceuticals

Credit: WoolCool Due to the nature of pharmaceutical products, shipments need to be packed securely and at the optimum temperature for safe delivery. This means that any packaging material needs to be a dependable insulator. We’ve all learned how one of the vaccines against Covid-19 needs to be stored at -70/-80 degrees Celsius. Even for the ones that require more moderate refrigeration, packaging material will be crucial in Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. Wool is becoming a more popular choice for packaging material due to its wealth of environmental benefits. IWTO explores why wool is fundamental for sustainable packaging material. Why Insulating Wool is the Ideal Choice for Pharmaceutical Packaging Below are some of the reasons why wool is the perfect packing material for medical shipments. To explore further the benefits of wool, you can visit the IWTO blog page. Wool Has the Ability for High Performance Temperature Control