The Fair Isle Knit Technique

The Fair Isle knit is a knitting technique that dates back centuries but has never lost its popularity. Read more about this technique and pattern here.

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American Wool Traditions by Larry Prager

Larry Prager, CEO of Center of the Nation Wool, Inc., gave a fascinating presentation on American wool traditions at the IWTO Wool Round Table in December 2023. Read about it here.

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Boosting our Fabulous Fibre

Good news for British sheep farmers! A collaborative research project called "Fabulous Fibre" aims to improve the UK wool industry's productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

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The Best of IWTO 2023

Perhaps it will come as no surprise but ... From fleece to fibre, your favourite posts for 2023 all related very tangibly to sheep!  As the calendar year winds down, we take a moment to look back at what caught your attention these past 12 months.

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LINE x H Project

The LINE and H Project collaboration has created a special collection for the Campaign for Wool in Canada, featuring Canadian wool. Read on to find out more about this exciting project.

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A Look at the Canadian Wool Industry

Canada is set to host the IWTO’s Wool Round Table 2023, so it is fitting that attendees get to know a little about the host nation’s sheep and wool industries.

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