Why Sustainability Is Everything, and How Wool Delivers

One of the effects of the ongoing pandemic is that people care more about the clothes they buy and how they are made. They want to buy less and wear what they have for longer. How sustainability became “everything”, and how wool delivers to that requirement, will be the subject of  the upcoming Retail Forum (20 May), part of our week-long annual Congress. Traceability, ratings and retail 2020 brought twenty years of change in a single year, says Simon Cotton, Chief Executive of Johnstons of Elgin, specialists in cashmere and fine wool since 1797. Amid changes to the market and the places where retail sales occur, Cotton flags up 2020 as the year of sustainability. This should be good news for a natural fibre, right? Not quite: despite being natural, renewable, and biodegradable, wool must work much harder to present its sustainability credentials, because the way textile apparel ratings