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5 Wool Takeaways from the Digital Trade Fairs

Milano Unica, digitised as e-MilanoUnica Connect, gathered some of the biggest names of Italy and Europe and beyond on its digital platforms with 225 companies altogether. These included the Japan and Korea Observatories. Idea Biella, the specialist suitings area, could be said to represent the most upmarket collections of menswear fabrics, with particularly strong collections from Italy and the UK. Meanwhile, summer wool made its presence felt at Premiere Vision. PV’s customary analysis and trend information made much of eco attitudes, including natural plant or wool based materials. As with MU, the quest for less harmful finishing and enhancements was also notable. Digital shows keep the ball rolling towards wool By Janet Prescott Covid once again kept trade fairs in the realm of the digital. Below are our top five takeaways from Milano Unica and Premiere Vision. 1. The demise of the suit is greatly exaggerated As far as wool

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Natural Fibres are Natural Partners for Responsible Fibre Consumption

Natural fibres such as cotton and wool offer many solutions to the world’s current environmental challenges, but risk being misrepresented by sustainability ratings, the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) told the representatives of the cotton industry at last week’s Bremen Cotton Conference. More than 450 participants from 32 countries attended the conference, which brings together cotton and other textile specialists from around the world. As part of the popular panel for Responsible Fibre Production, chaired by Cotton Incorporated Senior Vice President Mark Messura, IWTO Secretary General Dalena White cautioned attendees that, under current ratings systems, products made from wool and cotton are at significant risk of being rated poorly compared to synthetics. The result of a rating scheme that doesn’t reward the attributes of natural raw materials and doesn’t penalise key environmental impacts of fossil fuel-based raw materials will be falling demand for wool and cotton as brand purchasing

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Wool and Yoga

Yoga is proven to offer individuals a variety of physical and mental benefits. Simultaneously, wool is known to provide several environmental and health benefits.

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America’s Cup: Why Wool Gear Is The Ideal Partner

Member of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team-Image credit: The Woolmark Company There are so many reasons why choosing wool is a great idea for your outdoor and sports gear. A natural option for both sustainability and performance, wool is fast becoming the future for technical clothing. The Woolmark Company’s partnership with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team shows just how well this remarkable fibre can adapt to a diverse range of material, and human, challenges. Wool for Technical Clothing When it comes to wool, Mother Nature has done a great job of making a fibre that delivers under pressure. The Woolmark Company now takes wool to the next level by providing technical clothing for the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team. At a time when other teams are wearing synthetic fibres and trying to get the same properties, members of the Luna Rossa Prada

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5 Ways Wool Contributes to Wellness

Wool is 100% natural, sustainable and long-lasting, but did you know that it is also good for your health? From the ability to help underweight newborn babies thrive, to regulating your temperature and improving your quality of sleep. Keep reading to discover the top five health benefits of wool. What Are The Health Benefits Of Wool? Whether you suffer from insomnia, struggle with allergies, or have sensitive skin, wool can help to improve your overall wellness, both physically and mentally. Check out the top five health benefits of wool below. 1. Wool is Beneficial to Babies As any new parent will know, babies need to be kept warm, especially when they are outside during the colder months. Wool has the natural ability to keep babies both warm and comfortable. Furthermore, studies show that underweight newborns who sleep on wool put on more weight than those who sleep on cotton.

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Increase the Life of Your Wool Textiles: 5 Ways to Care for Wool

Whether you are partial to wearing woollen clothing or you can’t get enough of the luxurious feel of bedding made of wool, it can be good to learn how to care for this soft and sustainable material. When it comes to caring for wool, many people do not know the best practices for keeping it in good condition and for ensuring its longevity. Fortunately, caring for wool is relatively simple once you know what to do and what not to do. How to Increase the Lifespan of Wool Whether you’ve got a knitted wool sweater, a wool coat or a pair of woven trousers, by following these 5 tips for wool care, you will ensure your woollen items look better and last longer. The most important thing to remember is that wool naturally resists odours and stains, and that the wool fibre is resilient: it will hold its shape

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Score Natural Fibres Fairly – IWTO Responds to Green Claims Consultation

All fibres deserve a fair environmental rating. To achieve this, rating methods must resolve inherent bias against natural fibres, the International Wool Textile Organisation has told lawmakers as part of a consultation on forthcoming European legislation. What's at stake? Loss of credibility with consumers. While a harmonised approach to measuring the environmental performance of products is desirable, the system must be meaningful and accurate. Only then will it have the intended result of identifying truly sustainable products, IWTO said. IWTO responded to a consultation that was part of a wider initiative being developed by the European Commission. The initiative will lead to legislation on the environmental claims companies will be allowed to make about their products and services. Ensuring a level playing field for natural fibres The wool industry has been proactive in identifying the limitations of current environmental assessment methods. Research led by the industry led to a

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Wool Face Masks In Demand

Covid-19 has made face masks 2020's most required accessory. Fashionable or not, public health officials around the world now agree: covering the nose and mouth helps reduce the spread of Covid-19. So, we need to cover up. For most of us that means a comfortable, protective covering for everyday use. Something washable and re-useable is a real win over single-use and disposable. Wool Face Masks: Natural, Breathable, Re-Useable Wool is unique among fibres in that, thanks to the structure of its fibres, it naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and allows the skin to breathe. Research has shown how superfine Merino wool operates as a dynamic buffer, regulating humidity and temperature near the skin – read more about how that works here. The result is: you feel drier and more comfortable. Many of the wool masks now on the market are using Merino wool next to the skin, or

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