Welcome to Wool Month

During October 2022, the global textile industry celebrated Wool month, an initiative of the Campaign for Wool. Learn more about its highlights and aims here.

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Woolly Ideas for Holiday Gift-Giving

It isn’t always easy to think of good gift ideas year after year – especially for people you have known for a long time, or who simply appear to have everything. One thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with a fine woollen creation that someone can put to good use for many years to come. The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) offers a few suggestions from among our members’ creations.   Top Wool Gift Ideas for This Festive Season Thanks to the versatility of wool, as well as the fact that it is used in the creations of leading design houses all over the world, there are woollen gift ideas to suit all needs and tastes. Here are four suggestions from leading global wool producers. Read Next: The Capsule Collection: Introducing the 100 Mile Jacket Core Merino (South Africa) Core Merino Active Wear Core Merino is

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Wool and Yoga

Yoga is proven to offer individuals a variety of physical and mental benefits. Simultaneously, wool is known to provide several environmental and health benefits.

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5 Ways Wool Contributes to Wellness

Wool is 100% natural, sustainable and long-lasting, but did you know that it is also good for your health? From the ability to help underweight newborn babies thrive, to regulating your temperature and improving your quality of sleep. Keep reading to discover the top five health benefits of wool. What Are The Health Benefits Of Wool? Whether you suffer from insomnia, struggle with allergies, or have sensitive skin, wool can help to improve your overall wellness, both physically and mentally. Check out the top five health benefits of wool below. 1. Wool is Beneficial to Babies As any new parent will know, babies need to be kept warm, especially when they are outside during the colder months. Wool has the natural ability to keep babies both warm and comfortable. Furthermore, studies show that underweight newborns who sleep on wool put on more weight than those who sleep on cotton.

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